Babyface and Damon Thomas have written and produced the song "There For Me (Baby)" (same song Next was going to do for the 'Light It Up' soundtrack as "Always There For Me", but was never used) for the new Tyrese album '2000 Watts'.
The first single from Babyface's upcoming solo album 'Face To Face' (July 17th) is getting airplay already - "There She Goes written and produced by the Neptunes. Recently, at an Arista conference in Los Angeles, L.A. Reid introduced Babyface and his new video, along with news that Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have produced a ballad for the album.

Here is other news regarding the album:
  • This album will be the first released as part of Face's new label Nu America.
  • Another producer that could be involved in the Babyface project is Mike "City" Flowers (Carl Thomas, Sunshine Anderson) and the young singer/songwriter Tonex. It's written that Face liked the Tonex album 'Pronounced Toe-Nay' and he asked him to write 3 songs for his solo album. (Thanks Seb!)
  • The video for "There She Goes" was directed by Hype Williams. (Thanks to Jey of the Unofficial Hype Williams & Paul Hunter Website!)
  • Face teamed up with famous executive Andre Harrell (Uptown, Motown...) in order to manage his new label Nu America, and executive produce the solo album.
  • Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have worked on possibly 4 tracks, including a song called "Do Do Song", however it isn't known how many will make the final cut on the album.
  • Other possible producers may be Jon B., Tim & Bob, and Dent & Dub.
  • Face may tour to help promote the album, as he has stated that he is focusing more on the artist side of the record (as opposed to writer/producer).
K-Ci & Jojo's "All The Things I Should Have Known" will be their next release and video (not sure if it will be a commercial single). The song was written and produced by Babyface (who may also appear in the video).
Aretha Franklin will release an album for the end of the year and she will mainly work with Babyface and Jam & Lewis. (Thanks Seb!)
Carole King will releasing her new album in the summer, and it is likely to include the unreleased Babyface-co-written song "You Can Do Anything". (Thanks Seb!)
Inside word is that Kevon Edmonds is preparing to start his next solo album and that Babyface will be one of the producers. (Thanks Jessica!)
Congratulations to Kenny and Tracey on their second son, Dylan Michael Edmonds, who weighed 7 lbs. 1 ounce at birth, born Monday, March 26th. Ironically, Babyface's former partner L.A. Reid also became a dad again as his wife also gave birth (to a daughter) the same day.
At this time on Ebay, someone that works with Babyface is auctioning several pieces of equipment (including Yamaha, Korg & Roland keyboards and equipment) said to be owned by Babyface himself (I'm sure it is, but I, myself, can't prove it). The auctions state that due to them upgrading equipment, they are selling off some of the older pieces of equipment. Click here to see the auctions.
The release date for Usher's upcoming CD has been delayed once again because of Napster. Because songs from the CD were leaked and got on Napster for all to hear, Usher has gone into the studio to record new songs because he didn't want to release an album full of songs that everyone has already heard. No word on exactly which songs will stay on the album (including the 2 Babyface songs), or if the entire album is going to be redone. Just to be safe, you may want to track down the 2 Babyface songs ("There Goes That Feeling Again" & "If I Want To") in case they don't make the final cut of the new version of the album.
Official "rumor" is that Babyface has NOT done any work, nor will he, for the upcoming Michael Jackson album.
Info update: the Kevon Edmonds song "More To Love" was not written or produced by Babyface. Those credits should go to Damon Thomas. Sorry Damon!
Click here for the latest news on Babyface's involvement with the Josie And The Pussycats film.
A Tampa, FL radio personality sent in info "from a reliable source" that Babyface is working on 'N Sync frontman Justin Timberlake's solo album. Keep in mind that Face did write and produce one 'N Sync song already ("If Only In Heaven's Eyes").
Seb also spotted on that the Kyle Brown, winner of a recent vocal contest through the site, had the chance to record a song written and produced by Babyface in New York. The song is titled "It Would Break My Heart".
Thanks to Rob for this: Babyface will be involved with the music side of an upcoming new rendition of the movie classic The Wizard Of Oz. The ew hip-hop version of the film, titled The O.Z., will star Brandy as Dorothy, Queen Latifah as Glinda the Good Witch, Busta Rhymes as the Cowardly Lion, Ginuwine as the Scarecrow, and Little Richard as the Wizard. Brandy will play a lonely hip-hop producer in Los Angeles who finds herself transported to a mysterious land called the Big O.Z. after an earthquake.
Rob also sent info that Face will appear in and upcoming episode of the Oxygen network's new television music show called Daily Remix.
Thanks to Rachel for news from the February issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. Babyface's son Brandon got the honor of naming Kenny and Tracey's newest son Dillon. Dillon is due in March.
Babyface joined several other big name R&B celebrities at the January 11th funeral of industry giant Louis Silas, Jr., who died of kidney disease on january 7th at the age off 44. Silas headed MCA's Black Music Division in the late '80s/early '90s before starting his own label, and most recently, working for Laface Records. Silas helped kick of the careers of acts such as Ready For The World, New Edition, and Pebbles. Other celebrities at the funeral included Sean "Puffy" Combs, L.A. Reid, Kevon Edmonds, Andre Harrell, Keith Washington, Magic Johnson, John Salley, Ron Harper, Ronals Isley, Angela Winbush, Greg Philingaines, Damien Hall, Johnny Gill, the members of Bell Biv DeVoe, Howard Hewett, and Chante Moore.
Babyface's wife Tracey has officially closed down operations at Yab Yum Entertainment (home of Beverly Crowder, Third Storee, and Jon B.), and started up a new label, Edmonds Record Group. The new label, partnered with Def Jam, has already signed on Jon B., his group Jack Herrera, Beverly, Dre Allen, and Third Storee. A Billboard article stated that Third Storee will be putting out their second album, however, the reality of it is that Third Storee never had their frist album released. This might mean they will be redoing their first album and re-release it, or it will be all new material. Speculation over Yab Yum closing down could be due to distributor problems with Elektra, which is why Third Storee and Beverly Crowder albums have been waiting to be released for nearly 6 months.
Some other Babyface projects in the news (thanks to Seb for contributing to this list):
  • A few reports say "Color Of Love" is a Babyface song on Sam Salter's upcoming LaFace follow-up title 'Little Black Book' (release date).
  • The BMI database lists a song title "There For Me" (co-written by Face and Damon Thomas), but not sure what album or artist this might be for.
  • Face has written/co-written at least 2 songs for Usher's 2001 release 'All About U'. The songs are "If I Want To" and "There Goes That Feeling Again".
  • The Arista web site confirmed that Face wrote 4 songs for the upcoming Joy Enriquez album, including tracks called "Someday" and "Situation".
  • Babyface has written a song called "Lonely Girl" for Jon B.'s next album.
Babyface took part in an online chat on Yahoo! on Thursday, November 9th. Here is some of the interesting information that came from the chat (including some questions from myself):

  • Wes will be the first artist released on Babyface's new label - previosuly known as Joe Lies Records. My question to him relayed to us that he's changing the name of the label to Nu America Records.
  • The video for "Reason For Breathing" was shot in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.
  • When asked by someone if there were any plans to release his MTV Unplugged concert on DVD, he said it might be out for Christmas.
  • He noted that Stevie Wonder approached him at an Al Gore rally in Miami and asked when they would hook up again. Face said he would like to work with Stevie again when their schedules allow.
  • Face claims that he did not do any production work for Michael Jackson's upcoming album. Personally, I don't believe him and think he's just being secretive, but we'll see...
  • His favorite song of his own to sing is "Where Will You Go".
  • There is a possibility Face will do a live show (or shows) next year.
  • I also asked him about the song he worked on with Madonna for her 'Ray Of Light' album. The song was said to be as nice as "Take A Bow". Kenny's response was "We worked on a couple of things, but neither of us felt like they were The Ones." In a previous chat/interview I saw with him, I remember him saying he thought the songs were pretty good, but that she didn't want to use them because she doesn't like to repeat herself - and that she went in a different direction with the album.
Babyface has officially left Epic Records and signed a multi-year, multi-album contract with Arista Records. As previously mentioned on this site, it was speculated that he might be leaving the label and signing with Arista when the two may have talked business at L.A. Reid's wedding recently. L.A. Reid, Babyface's former writing and producing partner, is now the President and CEO of Arista. Said Babyface on leaving his label of over 10 years, "The freedom to pursue my musical interests, in whatever directions they may take me, has always been and continues to be extremely important to me."  L.A. Reid stated, "Having worked alongside Kenny for all these years, I know that an artist of his substance comes along once in a musical generation."  His final project from Epic will be 'A Collection Of His Greatest Hits' (click here for the track listing) on November 14th. Epic and Arista will both help in promoting the first single (and 1 of only 2 new songs on the album) "Reason For Breathing". The other new song on the hits album is "When Men Grow Old". There is also some speculation that the version of "Change The World" on this CD is different from all other versions of it released.
Seb spotted this news: As of Babyface didn't have enough to do already (let's see - singer, songwriter, producer, screenplay writer, executive producer of TV series, film producer, actor, artist manager, web site entrepeneur, record label exec...did I miss anything?), he is now taking on the world of sports management. Face has partnered with North Carolina attorney Ken Harris to create the Edmonds Sports Group, which will represent NBA and NFL players.
L.A. Reid recently got married, and Babyface was one of the best men (there is also a photo in the PHOTO section!). Here is what Kenny said at L.A.'s wedding (from Sister 2 Sister magazine):

"[When you think of us] back in The Deele days when we wore eyeliners and leg warmers, you'll laugh probably. Usher and Puffy wanted to be like us. Now we want to be like them. We started off in the business together. I think about our years of struggle and trying to get to a point where we made it. [The goal] used to be a number one record, or if somebody recognized you on the cover [of a magazine]. Now we've made it. Now, having a wonderful life with your wife and raising a family is important. L.A. asked me, 'When do you know she's the one?' I felt like [a] Kung Fu Master. I said, 'Grasshopper, you will know she is the one when you tell joke and joke is unfunny and she still laugh. You will know when you break gas and she act like she don't hear or smell it.' L.A. said, 'What?!' Then I said, 'Aww ni##a, you know when she's the one. You just know it !' He finally got it. I've been to a few weddings in my lifetime. Erica is one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. We were on Capri with them when they got engaged. I knew L.A. was going to ask her. When he did, she laughed and cried. It was like a kid seeing toys on Christmas. You see that happening and the innocence in her. It means you're a very lucky man, Antonio, and I make a vow to be your friend and support you throughout."
Thanks to Rob for spotting this: Edmonds Entertainment will be producing a remake of the movie 'A Letter to Three Wives'. The original movie is about three women who receive a letter from the town flirt, who has run off with one of their husbands. Babyface will executive produce.

In addition, Terry Winter (writer for the HBO series 'The Sopranos') has been brought on to rewrite the Edmonds Entertainment action comedy 'In a New York Minute'. It's a story of a cat burglar who discovers a mafioso's tell-all manuscript on a stolen laptop computer and passes the work off as his own. Face will also executive produce.
An interview with the group Blaque (founded by TLC's Lisa Lopes) says their next album will feature a song by Babyface.
Seb located an old article mentioning a collaboration between Babyface and Carole King on her next album (they both co-wrote a song with Carole Bayer Sager titled "You Can Do Anything" that is listed in the BMI database, but hasn't been released by anyone). The album is planned for 2001.
Babyface & politics - On June 24th, Face hosted a Democratic National Convention fund-raising dinner at his palatial Hollywood Hills estate. Featured guests, along with President Clinton and presidential-hopeful Al Gore, were boxing champ Evander Holyfield, Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan, pro quarterback Rodney Peete and his actress wife, Holly Robinson Peete. Face, Chaka, and Lionel all performed at the event, and even President Clinton played a few songs on his saxophone. A spokesperson for Babyface told that the President was accompanied by Babyface's band and saxophonist Gerald Albright.
The BMI song database continues to confuse. In addition to spotting a song titled "Fly Like An Angel" (co-written by Gloria Stewart, Phillip Stewart, and Phillip White), there is a barrage of interesting sound clips Babyface apparently has an association with. All are listed as BMI Work #0 and are listed simply as "Aerobics Oz Style - BG Cues", "CBS Sports NCAA Basket - BG Cues", "Extra The Entertainmen - BG Cues", "Fight Club - BG Cues", "Kids In Motion - BG Cues", "Oprah Winfrey Show - BG Cues", "WCVB Healthbeat Project - BG Cues", and "WCVB - BG Cues". To narrow down the speculation a bit, we can figure that "BG Cues" is 'background cues' - things like background music and sound effects. Months ago, someone wrote in claiming he saw Babyface's name during the end credits of the movie 'Fight Club', but didn't know why. All of these have been added to the WORK section under 'OTHER'. Stay tuned to this interesting list of facts...
As you might remember, held two contests late last year for 'You Write The Song' and 'You Sing The Song'. The winners were picked and the demo of the final song has been recorded. Twelve year-old Alysha Antonino was the winning vocalist, and 34 year-old Damian Fontana wrote the winning lyrics the the David Foster/Babyface-written and produced music. In addition to those credits, Face also played guitar and sang backing vocals ont eh new track. To hear the song, click here - to see the 5-minute behind-the-scenes video, click here.
The BMI song database now includes a new song written by Babyface titled "When Can I See You Again" - not to be confused with his own song called "When Can I See You" from 1993.
  • (updated 3-13-00) 'Punks' is a gay-themed sleeper comedy, which most recently showed at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Cast includes Wilson Cruz, Robin Givens, Jody Watley, and Jason Olive. Executive-produced by Face with Tracey as producer, and filmed in conjunction with Fox 2000 Movies.

  • (UPDATED 3-3-01): The latest on the Edmonds Entertainment film Josie & The Pussycats (click here for the official site, including cast info), which is nearing completion, is that Babyface "studied" the likes of rock bands Blink 182 and Hole to assist him in producing the music and soundtrack for the film. Although the original intent was to have a punk-sounding theme, Face recently stated in an Entertainment Weekly article that the sound is leaning a bit more towards pop. (Thanks to Rob for the info!) Seb sends in info from The soundtrack includes three songs performed by the band in the movie ("Three Small Words", "Pretend To Be Nice" and "Spin Around") and a song played by a fictional boy band called Du Jour, "Back Door Lover". Other contributors are said to be the Counting Crows' Adam Duritz as well as Matthew Sweet and Kay Hanley (former singer from the band Letters From Cleo), who will be Josie's singing voice in the film. Babyface is negotiating to sign an established band to record a cover of the famous theme song.

  • When 'The Lamb', the Edmonds Entertainment (Babyface)/Red Strokes Entertainment (Garth Brooks) film, comes out, Brooks said he'll release another "Chris Gaines" music project (the actual movie soundtrack). No word on Babyface's involvement with the soundtrack album, although it has been reported that he was to write/produce some songs on it. Kenny did not do any work on 'The Life Of Chris Gaines' prequel soundtrack album recently released.

  • (UPDATED 8-15-00): Edmonds Entertainment will be producing a remake of the movie 'A Letter to Three Wives'. The original movie is about three women who receive a letter from the town flirt, who has run off with one of their husbands. Babyface will executive produce.

  • (UPDATED 8-15-00): Terry Winter (writer for the HBO series 'The Sopranos') has been brought on to rewrite the Edmonds Entertainment action comedy 'In a New York Minute'. It's a story of a cat burglar who discovers a mafioso's tell-all manuscript on a stolen laptop computer and passes the work off as his own. Face will also executive produce.

  • 'Chicklets' - a comedy about four high school girls who form a band and become immensely successful. (Thanks Rob!)

  • A romantic comedy about a younger man/older woman relationship starring Blair Underwood and Diana Ross.

  • A live action/animated/claymation feature film about a billy goat that wants to become a rock star.

  • 'L.C. Soul Unlimited' is the project more related to Babyface himself - he's writing it as a semi-biographical account of his first band from high school. More specifically, it's a story set in the 1970's about a group of teenagers who form a band and enter a contest to perform as the opening act for a Curtis Mayfield concert. (Click here for the background on where this story came from - excerpts from an interview.)

  • 'Big Time' featuring Lauryn Hill of the Fugees.

  • 'Schoolin' will be another sitcom, written by Face and Tracey, about two friends that go back to school.

  • As reported previously on the web site, Edmonds Entertainment has indeed planned a movie involving John Travolta. As Tracey Edmonds said, "He still likes to dance", and that's exactly what the upcoming movie is about. Fan Keith sends this info, from the Hollywood Reporter. The setting will be New York City's underground club scene. Screenwriter Kate Lanier describes it, "It's an urban, gritty drama with dance elements. Babyface is very interested in combining hip-hop, tap, and salsa - the multifaceted flavor of the underground club scene." Travolta's character would be an ex-disco dancer who rediscovers his love of dancing by way of a professional, Latina dancer. Travolta's manager Jonathan Crane says, "I must have taken two thousand pitches in 15 years trying to find a musical in today's world for John Travolta. I agreed to join with Babyface because he is such a major musical guy and has come up with a contemporary take on this genre."

  • He and wife Tracey are going to co-produce (along with MGM) an updated version of the movie 'The Idolmaker', a 1980 cult music drama. The original movie was a fictionalized biography of producer Bob Marcucci, who led Frankie Avalon and Fabian to pop stardom in the late '50s. The new version is going to describe the current music scene. In addition, Babyface will help with production on the soundtrack.
Babyface wrote 3 songs for Yab Yum's upcoming Beverly album 'Heart & Soul' - "Heart & Soul", "Sugar Bear", and "Yours And Yours Alone" (originally written for Tamia). Seb in France points out the 9-minute video feature on highlighting a few of the Babyface songs on the album, "Heart & Soul" and "Sugar Bear", as well as listen to her describe how Face asked her to perform on his 'MTV Unplugged' special.
Thanks to Jason for sending this in - UPDATE: (from the Urban Network's 'Rhythm Report'): Sony chairman Tommy Mottola told the New York Daily News about the new album Michael Jackson is working on. Mottola said, "I've heard some of the music, and it's unbelievable. This is some of the best music Michael's ever made." He also said the record would be in stores in time for Christmas. Now, a spokesman for Michael tells SW News that’s not necessarily true. We’ve been told that there is in fact no timetable for the release. The spokesman also said that no matter what anyone thinks, the album will not come out until Michael is satisfied with it and thinks it’s ready. In other exclusive Michael Jackson news, SW News spoke to legendary songwriter Carole Bayer Sager yesterday. Sager told us that she’s very excited about the songs she’s already heard from Michael’s new album, and she confirmed rumors that she’s already written a song for the project. She’s now working on second track, this time with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Sager has high hopes for Jackson’s album; as she said, "I've heard some of Michael's album and I think it's extraordinary. I think he's going to come back bigger than when he left.";

Sergio in Spain spotted a listing on a Michael Jackson web site of the lyrics to the supposed songs MJ did with Face in 1997 that will appear on Jackson's upcoming album. The song was reported way back in 1998 as a duet titled "Angel". These lyrics on the site show the title as "An Angel Came To Me", written by Michael and Kenny, and co-produced by Kenny. Sébastien is France spotted info from another M.J. site describing another collaboration between the two on a song called "Do You Love Me", and another that supposedly confirms the "An Angel..." song.


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