Sleepy Weasel Entertainment, LLC
The name Sleepy Weasel is a self-given nickname, borrowed from the movie Hot Shots, of a former radio producer partner from back in the day. We gave all show callers a silly nickname. Problem is I couldn't remember mine so I took his. I promise - the plagarism ends there.

Since 1997, I've been exploring the many facets of multimedia and carved out a little niche in the creative field. I thrive on opportunities to solve problems, initiate new ideas, and create unique visions.

While I don't specialize in any particular field, I have made a name for myself as a jack-of-all-trades in design and imaging, writing, audio production, digital photography, and training. Some of my personal and professional accomplishments include hosting my own sports talk show in Denver, writing two screenplays (unpublished) with several others in progress, and hitting an in-the-park home run during a company softball game. Sometimes, it's just the little things...

Lately, my passion has turned to photography. I'm no expert—in fact, many would probably just call me a hack—but I'd like to think there is some merit to my work. My goal is to create aesthetically-pleasing, original, and tasteful photos that either inspire, captivate, or tell a story.